STRATEGIC & OPERATIVE SOLUTIONS ITALIA – SOSITALIA SRL – was founded in 1994 in the Cusio area, the main faucet district in Italy and one of the most important in Europe and in the world.

Here are some important stages of the company’s development:


Is born SOSITALIA SRL, operating as an Engineering Company with the sale of Italian machinery and plants for the sanitary fittings production.


Initiated sales of Italian components (headparts, ceramic disc cartridges, flexible hoses etc.) to important international sanitary fitting manufacturers.


The Representative Office opens in Beijing to develop the sale of machinery, plant installations and Italian components to the Chinese and international companies that started operating in China.

1997 – 1998

Development of important projects for plant and machinery supply and acquisition of new customers for the sale of Made in Italy components in the main Asian production countries.

1999 – 2000

Launch of cross-trading activities with the sale of sanitary fitting components produced in Italy, Europe and Asia. Establish business model entitled “VIRTUAL FACTORY”.

2001 – 2005

Opening and structure expansion for new production source selection with specialized technicians in the various production sectors in both Italy and Asia. Acquisition of new suppliers and customers in Italy and the world.


Opening of new headquarters in BORGOMANERO (ITALY) with expansion of
technical/commercial staff and warehouse.

Magazzino M1


SOSITALIA SRL adopts, throughout its entire organization, the TOYOTA WORLD CLASS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.


Opening of a faucet assembly line at the BORGOMANERO (ITALY) headquarters.


Opening of a second production unit in BORGOMANERO (ITALY) of 3,500 square meters with an expansion to the warehouse and assembly department.





SOSITALIA SRL adopts the ETHICAL CODE AND ORGANIZATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL MODEL in accordance with the Legislative DECREE no. 231 of 8 June 2001


Collaboration with POLITECNICO DI MILANO through an agreement that foresees the development of a project for the construction of sanitary faucets made from 3D METAL POWDER PRINTING.


SOSITALIA SRL transforms into SOSITALIA SRL A SOCIO UNICO [owner] with the acquisition of the complete share package by Giovanni Pitturru.


SOSITALIA SRL celebrates 25 years of business and initiates the ĖA BONA project.

Progetto EA Bona


Viene presentata la nuova divisione SOSITTECH


Viene presentata la nuova divisione UNIQ-E


Declaring a business as a GLOCAL STRATEGIC PARTNER means starting from its own territory and developing its own business based on positive and consolidated values, taking it throughout the world. The attention to the territory, solidarity, business development in compliance with the rules and potential of its area, are the basis of our entrepreneurial culture that wants to involve and grow partners in our area.

It also means having a great respect for the history and traditions of the countries with which job opportunities are developed, in a culturally open and fair confrontation of mutual knowledge.

Among the very few companies operating in the field of sanitary fittings, SOSITALIA SRL adopts its own ETHICAL CODE and ORGANIZATIONAL, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL MODEL in May 2016 to ensure greater conditions of correctness and transparency in the management of business activities in accordance with the DL 231 of 2001.

The publication and circulation of the ETHICAL CODE is aimed at involving its staff, suppliers, clients and all those who personally, or in representation of third parties, come into contact with our Company so that the adoption of this model can be a valid instrument of sensitization through correct and proper behavior in compliance with the ethical principles and values on which our company is historically founded.


The rise of new markets and the need to maintain competitiveness in production through GLOBAL OUTSOURCING has gained SOSITALIA SRL the opportunity to offer itself as a PARTNER to sanitary fitting producers in the supply of components, semi-finished products and subsequently, finished products.

It was a courageous and innovative decision: to think LOCAL and produce GLOBAL in Italy and in the world. The long journey saw SOSITALIA SRL grow alongside the main Italian and international companies in the sanitary fittings industry.

Present in the most important production countries, with its highly specialized technical and commercial staff, SOSITALIA SRL has grown and continues to grow, offering customers a corporate culture that is attentive and open to change and innovation.