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In the global market, which is changing rapidly with new and diverse problems of identification and selection of supply sources, SOSITALIA SRL has developed an organization capable of handling all problems of communication, logistics, quality control and mentality differences with contrasting work methods.

SOSITALIA SRL is the intelligent alternative to delocalization because it is able to realize, through the concept of the Virtual Factory, the control and the progress of production, managing all the phases through its qualified technicians in Italy and abroad.

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With the business model entitled VIRTUAL FACTORY, even though SOSITALIA SRL does not have an actual production factory, it has a continuous and daily control of all production phases up to the final inspection before sale and delivery to the client.

All this is accomplished with the help of a team of collaborators in Italy and abroad, which boasts decades of experience in faucets, and also through the selection of the most qualified sources of production based on the technical/qualitative specifications requested by the client.

With the support of our specialized technicians in the various production phases, from molding to casting or forging, from polishing to chrome plating, SOSITALIA SRL‘s inspection team monitors all the processing steps in order to respect the production lead time agreed with the client and the manufacturer.

Our logistics department is able to monitor and keep our client constantly informed about the delivery of goods.

The opening of the assembly line in 2009 at BORGOMANERO (ITALY), using highly experienced personnel matured in our territory of great tradition in the sanitary fittings field.

A skilful mix of domestic and foreign production, has allowed and allows our client to maintain competitiveness in globalized markets while also offering an intelligent alternative to delocalization.

In 2013, with the opening of the second production unit, the R&D department was elevated through its rapid design and prototyping wanted to offer clients complete solutions, from the concept to the search of the most suitable sources, to the production of components, semi-finished and finished products, up to the sale and delivery.

In this way SOSITALIA SRL supports the sanitary fittings manufacturers in the realization of specific projects to complement their product range.

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By adopting the KAIZEN philosophy, being one of the first in the sanitary fittings sector, SOSITALIA SRL wanted to equip itself with a standardized daily process to be shared with its suppliers and clients that aims to increase productivity and quality, while reducing waste that characterizes every production and organizational process.

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