From Lab to Fab

The evolution of the Lean Production organizational system is enhanced by the new technologies of the Industry 4.0. There are 9 enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 and they are part of the SOSITALIA corporate culture: Additive Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Robots, Simulation, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, System Integration, Big Data.

In SOSITALIA SRL every aspect of research and development, control and distribution of products is managed with the most advanced technologies, always looking for improvements in every process.

The fundamental point of the Factory 4.0 project is the start of the study for the construction of sanitary fittings using the METAL 3D PRINTING technology. The study called “FROM LAB TO FAB” (FROM LABORATORY TO PRODUCTION) follows the evolution of the technology of the production process of Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Factory 4.0 SOSITALIA
Prodotti 3D SOS Italia SOSITALIA