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Declaring a business as a GLOCAL STRATEGIC PARTNER means starting from its own territory and developing its own business based on positive and consolidated values, taking it throughout the world. The attention to the territory, solidarity, business development in compliance with the rules and potential of its area, are the basis of our entrepreneurial culture that wants to involve and grow partners in our area.

Solidarity expresses itself by supporting the initiatives of PMG ITALIA ( that through the GUARANTEED MOBILITY project supports local authorities to ensure better mobility for the more fragile people in the community, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the elderly etc.

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Adhering to the multi-annual programs promoted by Auser di Borgomanero, a non-profit association of volunteers and social promotion, with the support of the Borgomanero City Council and associations like ISPAM  (Initiatives Psychosocial Studies Amelia Monastra) Onlus of Borgomanero and AiutaPsiche Onlus of Arona (volunteers aiding people with mental illness) we have contributed to the purchase of two vans specifically equipped for transporting people with disabilities.

We support the cooperative ONLUS Lavoro Malgrado Tutto which integrates and trains disadvantaged people apply and obtain a suitable position in the workplace, achieved through non-profit productive and commercial activities, with principles of mutuality, solidarity, democracy, community spirit, territory placement and connection, and relationships with public institutions.

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Through our annual UNICEF subscription that allows us to dedicate our budget for corporate gifts to projects related to child mortality prevention by providing therapeutic food, vaccines, water purifying tablets and school supply kits, SOSITALIA has been a supporter and sponsor for many years.

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